Low Carb Rice Substitute

Low Carb Rice Substitute

If you are trying to shed a few pounds and have decided to give low carb a try then you might be wondering: What can I use as a low carb rice substitute ? Although it is very difficult to fid another grain to replace rice there are a number of suitable alternatives available, and some are … Read more

Substitute for Eggs in Meatloaf

Substitute for Eggs in Meatloaf

What can you substitute for eggs in meatloaf ? Eggs are used in meatloaf as a binding agent and don’t really offer much in terms of flavor. What does this mean ? A binding agent is something that helps to keep all of the ingredients together. When eggs are used in meatloaf it helps to keep the shape all … Read more

Substitute for Lemon Juice – What can you use ?

Substitute for Lemon Juice

​In a bind a stuck without any lemons or bottled lemon juice to hand ? Fear not chances are you have a substitute for lemon juice already in your kitchen! Lemon juice is used extensively in cooking, baking and even drink making. This acidic goodness can come in freshly squeezed or in a bottle. Depending on where … Read more

What Is Farina and how do you make it ?

What Is Farina

What is Farina ? A lot of people are confused when they hear the word and some people will only know it by its alternative names such as Cream of Wheat or Malt-O-Meal. It is most commonly used to make a heart warming breakfast that is similar to oatmeal and ​is often included in muffins and … Read more

How Long Do Potatoes Last ?

How Long do Potatoes Last

How long do potatoes last and how should you be storing them? Potatoes are an essential part of so many people’s diets around the world. It’s a great food for filling yourself up and is also very versatile. You can make a whole lot of different dishes with potatoes. Everything from mashed potatoes to French fries … Read more

How Many Beers in a Case ?

How Many Beers in a Case

Surprisingly how many beers in a case is a question that often gets asked. For the majority of the people their gut reaction is to answer 24. Where you are from and whether you are referring to bottles or cans can mean a big variance in the answers.  Unfortunatley the answer is: it depends!​How Many Beers in … Read more

Substitute for Capers – What can you use ?

Substitute for Capers

If you have just found that you are all out of capers or are not too keen on their briney taste then there are few items that you can substitute for capers available. Some of these replacements may require a little bit of extra planing so it is best not to get caught out right when … Read more

Best Matcha Tea Brands Reviewed

best matcha tea

Matcha Green Tea has all but replaced coffee for some. Lots of people have been converted from their regular cup of coffee to Matcha green tea.  But why ? Matcha can give you a great boost when you need it, but without the ensuing crash a couple of hours later that you may get from coffee and … Read more

Pepperoncini vs Banana Pepper

Pepperoncini vs Banana Pepper

Pepperoncini vs Banana Pepper just what exactly is the difference between these too mild peppers? This is a question that often plagues both shoppers and supermarkets themselves, as pepper identification isn’t likely a part of their training.  Besides that, the pepperoncini and the banana pepper can be genuinely difficult to distinguish between, and unsuspecting shoppers can … Read more